The only constant is change

I keep meaning to do a post on this, but I keep on putting it off for various reasons. But long story short, I’ve left Mu Dynamics back in February after almost 5 years with the company.

Being the first non-founder in a company gave me a unique perspective of how a company grows from literally the bedroom and evolves over time into “a real company”. I have a lot of happy memories from Mu and a lot of friends, but I found myself working for a very different company and in a very different role then I when I started way back in 2005.

I’m happy to say I’ve landed at Equinix developing network tools as part of a small team. Going from a company less then 50 people to ~1,300 was a pretty huge change, but everyone I’ve met has been truly awesome. And it’s nice to go into an environment where you know there is a lot of opportunity to learn and contribute.

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