Move Report #2

So things are coming along pretty well, albeit a bit slower then I’d like. After nearly 3 weeks of working with Speakeasy/Covad/AT&T on my DSL, it turns out that I’m too far away from the CO to get a decent connection so I’m moving over to Comcast. The Comcast service is indeed *VERY* fast (I saw ~30Mbps down and 3Mbps up last night!) and about 40% cheaper then Speakeasy, but not having a static IP and being able to run a full range of services on my server is a big negative. I’m in luck though- I’ve found a place I can host my server for free, so it’s all going to work out.

We’ve also learned why it’s good to have an insurance policy on all the appliances when you buy a home. Both the oven and dishwasher are having problems, but the parts & labor is only going to cost us $45.

Comcast came out last week to install a new drop for our TV in the living room. I guess I was hoping for too much for a “professional install” when they’re only charging $14. But after some creative thinking and getting lucky on how the old wires were run, we came up with a solution which doesn’t suck.

Now it’s mostly just a matter of getting our old townhouse on the market and hoping it sells quickly… Now that Congress has passed the bailout bill maybe that has a chance of happening.

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