STAR post-mortem

Well I just got back from two great days at Jason Pridmore’s STAR School. This was my second time at STAR and was once again well worth my time and money. Unfortunately, on the second day my motor in my SV started having serious problems and ended my day a session early.

I was lucky enough to work with Jason on the first day and he gave me some really useful feedback on my riding- what I was doing right and what little things I needed to change in order to improve my corner speed without pushing any harder. The result was quick and effective- not only did I start dragging knee through turns 2, 4, 5a, 6, 9, 10 and 11 but I dropped a few seconds a lap. I’m pretty confident that as I continue working on this I’ll pick up even more corner speed and drop even more time as I get out of corners even quicker.

I think this is really the strength of STAR- their willingness to work with each student on their individual strengths/weaknesses rather then a one size fits all approach at other schools like CSS. That and frankly, STAR has a much more enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere- CSS is almost combative in comparison. Both times I’ve done STAR I’ve had one of the instructors provide really insightful feedback into my riding which has made me a faster and safer rider. I’m really looking forward to doing the Race School later this year.

Anyways, thanks to my buddy Gerald, my SV is now at BRG Racing to get repaired. I have a bad feeling it won’t be ready for my next trackday on April 4 & 5, so looks like I’ll be prepping my 748. I hope it will be back in time for when I take NRS on the 12th though.

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