Sometimes you just get luckly…

Decided to finally make the jump to HDTV. Lots of reasons really (quality up, prices lower, etc). Did all my research, and narrowed it down to the Sony KDS-55A2000 55″ SXRD rear projection set.

Did a lot of price shopping:

On Amazon: $2,500
On Crutchfield: $3,000
At Magnolia: $2,700
On Best Buy’s website: $3,000
At the Best Buy down the street from my house: $2,000 <--- Woah! Turns out the CompUSA around the corner was going out of business, and had a huge blowout sale on the 55" Sony (but not the 50 or 60") so Best Buy with their price match guarantee was actually selling it BELOW COST. The 55" was actually $500 cheaper then the 50". Sale ended that day. I bought one (duh). Then I saved another $100 by agreeing to upgrade to HD cable with Comcast which I was going to do anyways. So anyone want a Sony 32" Trinitron on the cheap? Nice solid wood entertainment center cabinet too.

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