3.0.0 final(ly) released

I’m happy to announce that tcpreplay 3.0.0 has officially been released. 3.0 is a complete rewrite of the old 2.x branch which is now officially EOL. During the 3.0 rewrite I had four main goals:

  1. Clean up and reorganize the code to make development easier
  2. Standardize configuration options
  3. Improve performance
  4. Improve the documentation

I’m happy to say that all four of these goals have been met. Performance is noticeably improved and the code is much more maintainable. There is now a standalone library for all packet editing functionality which is used in tcprewrite, tcpbridge and optionally tcpreplay. DLT support is now done via plugins, so adding support for additional DLT’s is much easier. User configuration processing is now handled by GNU Autogen, providing a consistent set of arguments for both command line and configuration files. The man pages/built in help is better and the tcpreplay manual and FAQ have moved to the tcpreplay website wiki.

One unexpected enhancement was adding Windows/Cygwin support. During development I noticed about 20% of tcpreplay downloads were for the Win32 version, so I made an effort to improve portability and add support for Winpcap.

So what about the future? Well 3.1 is already in the planning stages. Feel free to look at the open tickets and leave comments for anything you’d prefer to see take care of sooner rather then later.

Most of all, I’d love to hear any success or failure stories people have with 3.0. Knowing what features people like helps me prioritize other similar features for the future.

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